Un video creado por New Classrooms Innovation Partners ( traducido incorporando el audio en español por nuestro equipo)

Transcribimos aquí la información original por petición de sus autores.

New Classrooms Innovation Partners designs and implements innovative school models that leverage classroom design, teacher talent, and technology to enable personalized learning for every student every day. New Classrooms’ first-of-its-kind technology draws from tens of thousands of high quality lessons to create a dynamic curriculum tailored to students’ unique needs.

Our flagship instructional model, Teach to One: Math, integrates teacher-led, collaborative, and independent instruction in ways that enable students to not just learn skills but apply them in real-world contexts. Last year, the more than 6,000 students participating in Teach to One made math gains at 1.5 times the national average — equivalent to an additional half year of learning in a single school year.